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Life Skills and Success Tips, A Teen Handbook

Table of Contents

How Do You Define Success?

Intrapersonal Skills

Make Your Feelings Work for You!

Choose How You Feel!

What Do You Say When You Talk to Yourself?

Getting a Handle on Hostility

Success Inventory

Who Am I?

Control Time-Wasters

What's Your Attitude?

Interpersonal Skills

What Blocks Communication?

Being A Good Listener

Practicing "I" Statements

Body Talk

Friendship What Is a Friend?

What Is A Friend?

Becoming a Better Friend

Health & Fitness Health Inventory

Health Inventory

How Much Stress Are You Juggling?

Stress and Me

Exercise and Fitness

My Wellness Plan

Nutrition And Wellness

Menu Planning

Goal Setting

Who's In Charge of Your Life?

Man With a Vision

My Personal Vision

Tips for Setting Goals

You Can Reach Your Goals!

Keeping Track Of My Goals

What You See Is What You Get

What You Say Is What You Get

A Pat on the Back

Decision Making & Problem Solving

The Decision-Making Process

More About Decisions

Your Alternatives

The Choices I've Made

Steps for Solving a Problem Responsibly

The Problem-Solving Process

Team Building

How to Become a Team

The Team and Me


Interview a Leader

Identifying Leadership Styles?

Leadership and You

Conflict Management

Conflict Observation Sheet

Real Ways to Resolve a Conflict

Self Determination & Personal Mastery

The Jar of Fleas

Acting Assertively

How Important Is It to Be Included

Responding to Peer Pressure

Responsibility & Community Involvement

You Be the Judge

A World of Opportunity



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