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The Inside Story
Self-Esteem and Self-Awareness for Kids


Table of Contents


My Family History

Brothers and sisters

Family composition

Ancestral background

Family interdependence

Designing a family crest

A favorite family holiday

Family rules

My Life Events

Draw or write a self-portrait

An early memory

Things people said

The best surprise ever

A big or little hurt

A happy time

An angry moment and how it was resolved

My Friendships

How I met a good friend

Friends: alike and different

Describing friends

The end of a friendship

Fighting with a friend

The best time I've had with a friend

My Days in School

Thoughts and feelings about school

Best school experience

Positives and negatives of school

Personal changes during this school year

My Likes and Dislikes

Thoughts about myself

Things that cause comfort and discomfort

Behavior toward people I like and dislike

Feeling negative about someone

Getting into trouble

Responsible and irresponsible actions

Words that describe me

Things I appreciate about myself

What I like and how I want to change

My Strengths and Weaknesses

Doing something I thought I couldn't do

My strengths and how I use them

Something I'd like to improve

A word that describes me

My Life Right Now

A picture of me

Being alone and with a group

Dreams and nightmares

Feelings, thoughts, and behaviors

Getting in touch with my body

Caring for myself and others

a BIG change

Feeling insecure

Feeling sad

Fears and how to get past them

Feeling and expressing anger

A hurt caused by someone else

A dialogue of positive and negative thoughts

A dialogue between happy and sad parts

Positive and negative feelings

My Values

The mysteries of my life

The best possible birthday present

The animal I would be

My favorite color

My favorite song

Giving life to a favorite toy

Dialogue with a famous person

Letter to Cinderella's stepmother

Letter to the President

Someone I admire

A peak experience

Packing for a long journey

Rules and more rules

Something very special

Any gift in the world

A wise person

The top 10

My Goals

Short and long-range goals

Imagining me at twenty-one

Looking into the future

Building the ideal me

Something I really, really want

On my own


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Primary Subject Area – Self Understanding  

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