More About Reaching Out to Immigrant Parents


Reaching Out to Immigrant Parents
What Educators Can Do

Table of Contents


Immigrant Families Face Many challenges

Culture Shock—The Stress of Immigration

Traumatic Stress—Dealing with Memories of War, Torture, Separation, and Deprivation

Identity Crisis—Redefining Self in the New Environment

Understanding Cultural Differences

Identifying Cultural Values

Four Dimensions of National Culture

Ten Cultural Assumptions Counselors Make

Culture Quiz

Answers to Culture Quiz

Some Final Guidelines


Cultural Factors to Keep in Mind

Using a Cultural Broker

Parent-Child Communications

Parent-Educator Meetings

Questions to Ask Immigrant Parents

Ideas for Reaching Out to Immigrant Parents

From the First Moment

After the Initial Meeting

Additional Ideas for the School

Ideas for the Classroom

A Words About 9/11

Reading to Children

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