More About Guided Discussions for Developing Emotional Intelligence


Sharing Circles: Guided Discussions for Developing Emotional Intelligence

Table of Contents

How to Use This Book 

An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Recognizing the Importance of Emotions and Feelings

Importance of Feelings to Children

The Emotional Mind – The Difference Between IQ and EQ

The Impact of Emotional Intelligence

How Emotional Intelligence is Learned

Working with Emotions – Three Areas of Impact

- Self Awareness

- Self Management

- Relationship Skills


The Value of Listening

Educating the Emotional Mind

The Benefits of Teaching Emotional Intelligence

Sharing Circles – The EQ Super Strategy

Key Outcomes

How to Organize and Lead Sharing Circles

How to Get Started

Procedures for Leaders

Rules for Discussion

Creating Your Own Sharing Circle Topics


Sharing Circle Topics

A Time I Felt Happy

A Time I Felt Unhappy

A Time I Felt Scared

A Time I Felt Excited

A Time I Had Fun with a Friend

An Activity I Enjoy When I'm by Myself

On of the Best Times I Ever Had with My Family

Something I Really Like To Do at School

Something I Did (or Made) That I'm Proud of

What I Value Most in a Friend

My Favorite Hero or Heroine

A Way I Show I'm a Good Friend

A Good Habit I Plan to Keep

Someone I'd Like to Be Like

A Talent I'd Like to Develop

Something That Really Made Me Angry

A Time When I Accepted Someone Else's Feelings

When Someone Wouldn't Accept My Point of View

How the Members of My Family Support and Help One Another

A Place Where I Feel Safe

A Time I Knew I Could Do It

A Time I Disappointed Someone

Something I Like About One of My Best Friends

Something I Do to Keep a Friend

Something I Like About My Friend Who is Different

Something Worth Saving For

A Time Someone Called Me A Name

Something I Accomplished That Really Pleased Me

A Time I Won and Loved It

A Time I Lost and Took It Hard

Someone Whose Friendship I Value

A Way I Show Respect for Others

A Time Someone Ruined It for Everyone

When Someone Made Me Feel Like a Part of the Group

A Time My Friends Wanted Me to Do Something I Didn't Want to Do

Something at Which I'm Getting Better

A Time I Felt Left Out

What People Like About Me

Something I Like about Myself

Something I Like to Do With Other People

When Someone Expected the Very Best of Me

I Observed a Conflict

How I React When I'm Angry

Someone Did Something for Me That I Really Appreciated

How I Made Friends and It Turned Out Well

Something I Do to Take Care of Myself

I Used Good Judgment

It was Difficult, But I Controlled Myself

Someone in Authority Whom I Respect

A Time I Was the Leader

When I Was in a Group of Strangers

A Time I Felt Like I Belonged

An Activity I Enjoy Doing with Friends

I Almost Got Into a Fight

I Have a Friend Who is Really Different from Me

I Made a Plan and Followed Through

Something I Chose That Made Me Happy

A Hard Choice That I Had to Make

Someone Who Respects My Feelings

A Time I Listened Well To Someone

I Was Afraid, But I Did it Anyway

How Somebody Hurt My Feelings

I Could Have Hurt Someone's Feelings, But I Didn't

Not a Word Was Spoken, But I Know How the Person Felt

I Didn't Say a Word, But They Knew How I Felt

How I Keep Myself Well

I Kept Trying Until I Learned It\How I Helped a Friend Solve a Problem

We Worked Together to Get It Done

Someone Liked What I Did

Who Someone Else's Decision Affected Me

How My Decision Affected Someone Else

A Time I Accepted and Included Someone

A Promise That Was Hard to Keep

I Succeeded Because I Encouraged Myself

A Time I Taught Something to Someone Else

My Reality Was Different from Someone Else's

How I Got Someone to Pay Attention to Me

Once When Somebody Wouldn't Listen to Me

Something I Never Do When I Want to Keep a Friend

I Got Into a Conflict

A Time I Was Rejected for Something About Me That Was Different

It Was Hard, But I Said No

A Time I Made a Big Effort and Succeeded

How My Mistake Helped Me Learn

A Time I Handled My Feelings Well



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