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Don't Get Hooked
Tobacco Awareness and Prevention Activities


Table of Contents


All About Tobacco and Nicotine

What Happens When You Smoke

What Does Smoking Really Cost?

What Can You Do With the Money?

How Tobacco Affects the Body

How Our Breathing Works

Don’t Find Yourself in This Number

Population Fact Sheets

Smoking Is a Drag!

Chew and Spit: Smokeless Tobacco and Its Effects

How Does Your Body Fare?

Smokeout Crossword

Rivers and Streams of the Body

Tell Me Your Story

Please Don’t Smoke or Chew

What I Know About Tobacco and Nicotine

Power of Media Influence

Where’s the Truth

Something Stinks!

Advertising Tactics 60

The Real Truth

The Truth About Tobacco Ads

Truth in Advertising

What I Know About Media Influence

Refusal Skills and Taking Control

Time to Really Say NO!

Four Ways to Say NO!

Refusal Skills and Ways to Say NO

Practice, Practice, Practice

The Skill Development Game

Saying No and Meaning It!

Read My Lips

Saying Yes and Saying No

What I Know About Refusal Skills and Taking Control



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