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The Sharing Circle Handbook
Social-Emotional Learning Topics for Teaching Self-Awareness,
Communication, and Social Skills


Table of Contents


An Overview of Sharing Circles

This section discusses the theory underlying the Sharing Circle process. The targeted growth areas of Communication, Self- Awareness, Personal Mastery, and Interpersonal Skills are covered in some detail.

How to Set Up Sharing Circles

To make implementation easy, many of the most frequently asked questions about organizing and beginning Sharing Circles are answered, and ideas to help facilitate immediate use are provided.

Leading the Sharing Circle

This section is a thorough guide to conducting Sharing Circles. It covers major points to keep in mind and answers questions which will arise as you begin the program.

Training Student Leaders

Sharing Circles provide a natural setting for students to develop leadership skills. This section contains everything you'll need to make the transition from adult-led to student-led circles.

Creating Your Own Sharing Circles

Many teachers and counselors have occasion to create Sharing Circles tailored to a particular subject, lesson, or student need. This section offers guidelines and suggestions to facilitate that process.

Questions and Answers

Here is a collection of answers to the most frequently asked questions about Sharing Circles. Answers are grouped to address the leader's role, classroom management, student responses, and process and content areas.

Additional Tips for Sharing Circle Leaders

For leaders who have mastered the basics, this list of suggestions offers additional insights into the Sharing Circle process and the leaders' role within that process.

Sharing Circle Topics (Over 100 Topics)



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