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Anger and Conflict
Management: Personal Handbook


Table of Contents

Guiding Principles for the Class

“Emotions are the Prime Movers...” an Introduction

Anger: Feel It and Channel It: Overview of Key Concepts

Chapter One: How Does Your Own Anger Affect You?

Anger happens!

What happens to your brain and body when you get mad?

Understanding the Differences between Appropriate and Inappropriate Anger

Past Hurts Come Back!


Acting on Habit

Having Unrealistic Expectations

Homework and Life Work

“Have You Heard the One about the Puzzled New Husband?” a Short Story

Chapter Two: Anger and Family Dynamics

Anger Is a Natural Emotion

When Anger Happens in Families

Unconscious Imitation

Acting Out




Ideas for Stopping, and Re-Channelling, Destructive Behavior at Home

What if someone else in your family is being irrational and destructive?

What does it take to use your anger constructively?

Homework and Life Work

Adelita, a Short Story

Chapter Three: Anger and Interpersonal Communication

Why be concerned about interpersonal communication skills?

Your Body Speaks Your Truth

What about Your Spoken Language?

Good Communicators are Good Listeners!

The Communication Stoppers!

The Highest Level of Listening

Homework and Life Work

“Life Lessons...” a Short Story

Chapter Four: Anger and Conflict Management Strategies

The Aggressive Style

The Submissive Style

The Assertive Style

How assertive are you?

Conflict Happens!

“I Messages”

Active Listening



Apologizing and/or Expressing Regret

Problem Solving

Homework and Life Work

“I Never Met a Man I Didn't Like...” a Short Story

Chapter Five: More Anger and Conflict Management Strategies

When the going really gets tough—what should you do?

Arm Yourself Mentally

Chill Yourself Out

Consider the Consequences

How to Respond to Verbal Assault

How to Respond to Extreme Hostility

How to Respond to a Bully

How to Respond to Peer Pressure

Resolve Problems with Mediation

Homework and Life Work





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