More About All About Me


All About Me
Reproducible Activity Sheets to Develop Self-Esteem in Your Students


Table of Contents



I'm Glad I'm Me

All About Me

The Keys to Happiness

Flying High

The Time of My Life

Something I'm Good At

Talented Me

A Poem About Me

I Am… Poetry

Feelings Are OK!

Take Responsibility for Your Feelings

This Is Me: Inside and Outside

Looking Inside

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

My Interest Tree

A Treasured Possession

My Room

The Books I've Enjoyed

My Favorite Book!

My Perfect Day

Picture This

Uniquely Created by Me

Create an Ideal Creature

Positive Self-Talk

My Three Wishes

Find the Happy Words

Positive Word Search

Taking Care of Me!



A Secret Message to a Friend

My Circle of Friends

Talking Kindly To Others

The Pleasure of Gift Giving

Have You Ever Felt Left Out?

A Treasure Hunt for People

My Family Tree

My "Roots"

One Of The Best Times I've Had With My Family

What Would You Tell Your Children?


Fear Is a Monster

Rules are Rules

Get REady for a Great Career

An Accomplishment I'm Proud Of

Steps For Solving A Problem (7 sequential activities)

The Decision-Making Process (5 sequential activities

I Can Because I Think I Can (6 sequential activities)


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Primary Subject Area – Self Understanding 

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