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101 Life Skills Discussion Topics


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How to Set Up Sharing Circle Discussions

How to Lead a Sharing Circle

Steps for Leading a Sharing Circle

Training Student Leaders

Creating Your Own Topics

101 Life-Skills Topics


What I Think Good Communication Is
A Way I Let Others Know I’m Interested In What They Say
A Time When I Really Felt Heard
Once When Somebody Wouldn’t Listen to Me
How I Got Someone to Pay Attention to Me
My Greatest Strength
An Ability or Talent I’m Proud Of
One of the Nicest Things That Ever Happened to Me
A Special Occasion or Holiday That Relates to My Culture
Something I Like That Is Part of Another Culture
My Favorite Subject at School
My Favorite Hero or Heroine
My Favorite Villain
Someone I’d Like to Be Like
Something I Like to Imagine
One of My Favorite Pastimes
Something I Enjoy Doing That I Do Well
A Favorite Place of Mine
A Time I Won and Loved It
A Time I Lost and Took It Hard
A Skill or Talent of Mine that I Could Use in a Job
A Job I Would Really Enjoy
A Job I Think I Would Dislike

Feelings and Wellness

A Time I Remember Feeling Totally Alive and inTouch With the World
A Feeling of Sadness I Remember
A Time I Was Alone, But Not Lonely
A Time I Felt Scared
How My Fear Helped Me Realize a Danger
I Felt Good and Bad About the Same Thing
A Place Where I Feel Safe
When My Body Felt Tired But Good at the Same Time
Some of the Best Health/Appearance Advice I Ever Heard
Something That Causes Me Stress
Something I Worried About That Turned Out OK
Something I Do for My Own Well-Being
One of My Regular Health Habits

Relating to Others

I Wanted To Be Part of a Group, But Was Left Out
A Time I Felt Like I Belonged
One of the Best Times I Ever Had with a Friend
What I Like Best About the Person I Like Most
How I Handled a Disagreement with a Friend
Someone I Know Who Is an Accepting Person
Someone Who Trusts Me
When Someone Expected the Very Best of Me
Someone Did Something for Me That I Really Appreciated
When Someone Criticized Me
Something I Never Do When I Want to Make Friends with Someone
One of the Nicest Things a Friend Ever Did for Me
Something Nice That I Did for a Friend
I Have a Friend Who Is Really Different From Me
How I Learned to Get Along with Someone Who Doesn’t Think the Way I Do
A Time I Was Rejected for Something About Me That Was Different
I Didn’t Get Help When I Needed It Badly
I Observed a Conflict
I Got Blamed for Something I Didn’t Do
A Time Someone Put Me Down, But I Handled It Well
A Time I Was Involved in a Misunderstanding
Something That Really Bothers Me
A Time When Someone Wouldn’t Listen to Me
A Time I Controlled Myself and the Situation Well

Learning and Creativity

Something I Enjoy Doing Because It Gives Me a Feeling of Accomplishment
Something I’d Do If I Knew I Couldn’t Fail
Something I Did (or Made) That I’m Proud Of
Something I Created
Something I Learned That Was Enjoyable
A Skill I’m Learning Now That I Didn’t Have a Year Ago
Something I Finished That I Had a Hard Time Starting
A Project I’ve Got Going Right Now
Something I Taught Myself
A Time I Taught Something to Someone Else
Something I’m Learning Now That Is Difficult
An Experience That Caused Me to See Things Differently
Something I See Differently Than My Parents’ Generation Sees It
Something I Created as a Child
How My Environment Affects My Creativity
The Craziest Dream I Ever Had
In My Dream, My Wish Came True
I Did Something in My Dream That I Couldn’t Do Awake
A Time I Was Glad I Had Supervision
Something at Which I’m Getting Better

Decision Making and Problem Solving

Part of Me Wanted to Do One Thing, and Part of Me Wanted to Do Another3
A Time I Shared (or Didn’t Share) in Making a Decision
I Used Good Judgment
A Time When I Didn’t Want Anyone Telling Me What to Do
Something Worth Saving For
Someone Handled a Problem Differently Than I Would Have
I Ignored a Problem, But It Didn't Go Away
I Solved a Problem Effectively
When People Try to Solve Each Other’s Problems
A Problem I’d Like Suggestions for Solving

Taking Responsibly and Acting Assertively

A Time I Talked to Someone I Was Afraid to Talk To
Someone Tried to Make Me Do Something I Didn't Want to Do
I Said Yes When I Wanted to Say No
It Was Hard to Say No, But I Did
I Stood Up for Something I Strongly Believe In
A Time When I Was the Leader
A Situation in Which I Behaved Responsibly
A Way I’m Independent
How I Helped Someone Who Needed and Wanted My Help
If I Could Do Anything, with No Limits
Where I Think Humankind is Headed
Something I’ve Done (or Could Do) to Improve Our World


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