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As our site grows,you'll find more and more great resources to support your Social and Emotional Learning efforts. Right now, enjoy a weekly treat as we send the Monday Morning Sharing Circle Topic your way. This is a sample of the EQ Super Strategy that you can use to bring another dimension to your SEL work with students. Here's this week's Sharing Circle.

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In the coming weeks you'll find other exciting things to enhance your SEL experience. These will include articles and insights about making the most of Social and Emotional Learning, and right away, our new monthly newsletter with even more ideas and interesting, engaging, and fun things to do with your students. You probably get that we're inventing this along the way. So we hope to hear your ideas for broadening the impact of our site and its impact on SEL.

Over the years, Sharing Circles have been one of the best counseling interventions. They are powerful tools for creating social and emotional learning.


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